Spearfishing in Malta

A french, a Dutch and a Swede walks into a bar the sea
With a speargun!

It was my first time and it was so hard
I can assure you that no fish were harmed during the making of this video… we were way too shit hahaha

Most important is obviously that I looked super badass in this super badass mask

I’m glad that I finally had the time to edit the footage, I’ve been too busy going to Paris and things…
I so wanna do it again soon!

Handstand under the Eiffel Tower

I had an intense and fantastic weekend in Paris.
I am grateful that such an amazing person once crossed my path and that I have such an beautiful soul being a part of my life.
There will be a little Paris video coming up soon, I have a few small projects to edit so expect some video content on the blog soon…
Here are a few snaps from Paris

Wine and cheese outside Pompidou, we sat here for quite some time, looking at everything while sharing stories

Strolling around Pompidou

We found a photo booth along the river, we had to use it

Under Eiffel tower

Practiced hand stands under the magnificent building. Eiffel is standing straight and me, well I am still struggling.
Got a little help from Luka to keep me up… slowly but surely I am getting there…

We had to take walk past Mouling Rouge

Choices, part one, Blessed Virgin Mary

Yesterday I was mentioning about me and Luka’s collaborations…

In 2009 I was working with the talented Lukas Lukasik on his project The Three Metamorphoses, the first part was Blessed Virgin Mary.
We worked together before for many years and created amazing things, one of our first video collaboration was in Santa Barbara early 2006 when we got asked to make a music video for The Right Hand. From when we where asked we had 24 hours to deliver, we worked, shot and edited around the clock, when time was up
we presented this video

We spent years cooperating and one day Luka approached me with the script for Blessed, Virgin Mary and I didn’t hesitate for a second.
There was a talented crew behind this project and I experienced for the first time being an actress, to have an assistant, her name was Molly and she made sure I was warm, fed and happy.

The whole movie is shot in film that later was digitised for editing purpose, no green screen was used, they spend so much time finding the perfect locations the scenery is astonishing.
You can see me standing on a windy, slippery cliff looking down at the ocean, freezing like a maniac, with Molly waiting with a robe and hot tea for me as soon as Luka and Charlie (the DOP) was happy with the shot.
I also managed to get burnt on my back when I was lying in the middle of candles and my head piece caught fire.
Here we are on a roof top in San Francisco at dawn, we all stayed up to get the perfect sunrise light

Coming up from the water
Between the shots I explored how it would being Ninja Mary
and Monkey Mary
Going through a scene from the roof top
camilla luk virgin mary
Virgin Mary
The filmed toured in California after it was done, sometimes with a live orchestra.
This a new take on Virgin Mary, with some involvement from
This is a 13 minutes short you just have to see – Psychedelic art at its best!
Choices, part one, Blessed Virgin Mary

7.5 years ago we made a promise that we will meet in Paris the 24th of September 2015

can't escape with sound1 004

On this day, 10 years ago he asked me if I wanted to help him record a small film project he was working on.
That night we started on a film that we never completed instead we drank wine and talked the whole night on the beach and since that incident we were inseparable.

On this day 10 years ago my life changed completely.
Luk became my best friend, my partner in crime, my lover,
my inspiration, the best thing I knew in life.
For two and half years we were the best duo in the world and created beautiful pieces of art and dear memories.
We lived on a boat by the ocean, we lived on the streets of
San Francisco, we made road trips, went to Burning Man, we ran film shows, painted, wrote music and discussed and we always encouraged each other.

When we decided to separate we promised each other that this was not a good bye, we will meet again,
we will meet in Paris the 24th of September 2015,
the day of our 10 years anniversary.

luka camilla clowns

camilla luk beach

luke camilla clown movie

It was a fantastic, beautiful relationship.
It was also a beautiful, mutual decision when we parted ways, our love had turned into a extraordinary friendship but we were to free birds who wanted to fly in different directions.
We stayed in contact and we keep collaborating after we broke up and always stayed friends even though it goes years in between we speak sometimes.

luka sf

A few weeks ago he contacted me and asked if I was still up for meeting in Paris, I booked the plane a few seconds later..

On this day ten years later I am sitting on the airport waiting to board the plane to Paris.

Because when I made that promise, I knew I would to keep it.

The things that is going through my head during my morning run

Workout started

1. yeah, I’m up before the sun is.
2. Lets get this over and done with so that I can eat breakfast
3. Why I am doing this? I am actually hating this!
4. Can I go home now?
5. Sure I can I must have been running at least 19K
6. Only 400 metres?!?!?
7. something is wrong with my app.
8. I’m hungry
10. Tacos…
11. With tons of cheese….
12. I passed 1K, only about one million minutes to go.
13. Can one starve to death while running?
14. Half way trough
15. I think I should cancel my workout now and go home
16. No walking home will take forever, running takes me back to breakfast faster
17. Run baby run!!
18. keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’
19. tacos
20. I’m pretty sure something in my body hurts now
21. Run faster
22. I hate running
23. How can anyone love running?
24. 1K to go, this is the longest distance in the world
25. Running sucks!!!

Workout completed

I’m a fucking champion, lets do this again tomorrow – I feel fantastic


About being boring and with boring I mean determined

I’m “boring” these days… I don’t really go out much, I have too many plans in the making.
In two weeks I’m starting learning Italian
Next week I’ll probably start my driving class
And when I’m not at work I busy eating and/or running

I am still learning the art of running and I’ve signed up for a running program, due to the heat and the humidity here in Malta at the moment I have chosen to run in the mornings, before the sun goes up.
That means at the moment, that I am going to sleep fairly early and I do not want to run with a hangover, so I do stay away from the drinking.

I might be a bit boring in some people’s eyes but in my opinion I am just very focused on the things I wanna achieve… at the moment drinking beer is not one of them…

I have many cool projects coming up that I am very excited about, this fall will be a great one!


best regards

A focused and determined Camilla

life's too short not to live it well