When I was a hula hoop pro

It is Thursday and that means its time for a Throwback Thursday post again and this time I’m taking you back to 2009 and San Fransisco.
This was a period when I was referred to as “the Swedish intern” and I spent a lot of my time at Revision3’s studio making magic happen.
One can say that this was the period when I was the queen of hula hooping.
The latter part is slightly exaggerated as you can see if you click the play button below.

Good fun though and I will forever have a special place in my heart for that place, these people and that city.

Download festival 2012 – TBT

Let me take you on a Throw back Thursday trip
to a weekend where I was covered in beer and mud at Download festival 2012.
I made a little video from that weekend where I am not only showing off my beer spitting and TP throwing skills (oh, and don’t forget my dance moves) but when you’re watching this it looks like it was all a blast and that’s how I like to remember it… :)

You can read the full blogpost here

Acrylic Sunday

Woke up this morning with an urge to paint, so got the acrylics out of the cupboard and grabbed myself a canvas.
Listen to good old Joe Cocker on full volume and just disappeared for a couple of hours.I’m not even sure if I am happy with the result but I feel very relieved getting out a lot of energy on what used to be a blank canvas.
IMG_4449 IMG_4454 IMG_4462

this woman sniffed a pig’s ear and you can never guess what happened

It is….. Throwback Thursday,  the day when we dig though our old photos and show everyone what a great past we had.
Today I am going to show you, that there was this one day in London, when small tiny piggies came and visited us at work and I cuddled with one of them.
(Also my fringe was growing out and looked as miserable as the London weather, but lets focus on the pig)
A cool thing with piglets is that they smell really nice behind their ears, almost like the same way as babies have a distinct baby smell, piglets have a very nice piglet smell.
See, you didn’t expect to learn that today did you? – Next time you have the chance to sniff a pig do it and you’ll see I am correct.

There is one thing that is cooler than a pig and that is a surfing pig, I mean
Look. At. This. Video.

One day I will get myself a surfboard and a pig and me an the pig will be the coolest duo ever.
I will obviously name the pig Bacon