Are you a Vlogger?

I started a Facebook group for Vloggers today.

A little place where people that creates video content can share it with other people with the same interest.
I noticed that here are so many talented Vloggers out there… if you are one of them and you want to share your videos, join this group
If you are not making video content yourself but like to watch video blogs, you are more than welcome to join as well!

About posting shameless selfies on social media

Shameless selfies on social media (well selfies in general) normally divides the people into two groups

1. the ones that loves taking a selfie
2. the ones that absolutely-effing-hate-it-and-almost-hates-everyone-else-that-does-it.

I am a number one and this post will mostly likely piss off category two,
If you are a member of category two I so suggest to skip this post because coming up is a shameless ” I just ran 6.4K and I have not ran a distance like that since October (also I just pick up running again when the average temperature has been nearly one million degrees and you sweat just breathing, except that you can’t breath, because it’s too
so I am so darn proud of mysef” – selfie

Which I already posted on Twitter
Camilla Stenmark post run selfie

In the previous post I did list the things that will be achieved within the year and I will kick the “run half a Marathon” of the list the 28th of February, I would like to do that without dying in the middle so a bit of training is required I believe…
Therefor I was up and left my home before the sun had risen and I shared the path with quite some drunk people on the way home from their Saturday night festivities.

6.4K is not the furthest distance anyone has ran, but for me it was quite of a milestone and for that reason,I want to share a sweaty post run pictures of myself!

Thank you for taking the time reading this self-licking ice cream cone – blog post

The bucket list challenge

This could possible be the wrong title for this post…
The good old famous “bucket list” is mostly associated with climbing Mount Everest, putting you flag on the moon, build an orphan village from scratch, swim with dolphins and/or skydive
(just for the records I am not skydiving, just the thought of it makes me s##t my pants, the biggest reason I don’t wear high heals, is that im afraid of heights )

So maybe I should call this post
My bucket list.. (or the list of things I want to achieve within a year…)

I spent some time on and found that it’s a great tool to push myself in the direction I want, especially when making that list into a video blog
I mean what is a better motivation than to record as video – and upload into a video distributing service – so that ANYONE IN THE WORLD can see it.
I kind of don’t have a choice but to follow this now :)

I actually have two categories on bucket list, the things I want to achieve this year, and the things I hope to accomplish in my life in general

Here are the things I would like to achieve within the year

• Do 20 push ups with a (tiny) person on my back
• Run a half marathon
• Ride a camel
• Learn how to drive
• Learn to surf
• Learn how to play the ukulele
• Write and record 1 song collaborations with at least 2 people
• Record and edit one cooking show with a special guest
• Walk on my hands for at least 5 meters
• Walk around Malta
• Perform a song with a local band in a local place
• Learn Italian
• Go to Italy and practice my Italian

I do encourage you to get your own list going and please lets push
eachother to achieve our goals

Get rich by traveling

The travel bug is kicking around in my body loud and clear now…

camilla joshua tree travel quote
travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

Image from when one of the roadtrips in California, climbing the
mountains in Uggs…
We lived in a car and slept wherever we wanted to woke up with a day ahead of us and we just kept driving.

We spent very little on that journey, mostly on petrol.

I gained so much from that trip, mostly fantastic memories

To leave everything and move to another country

Today I am celebrating on of the best thing I’ve done in my life, today it is exactly ten years since I sat on a plane slightly tipsy due to the adrenaline (and possible the glass of Jack and Coke I drank in the bar at the airport to cool down my nerves)

I listened to this song* with one or two tears falling down my cheeks and was really exciting about spending nearly a year in California, Santa Barbara.

(My mother told me lately that when I walked through the security check and I turned around to wave the last good bye she knew that I would never come back.)

I made the decision to go when I was in the middle of a “perfect life” and more or less everything one could ask for.
I had a great job, a boy friend, I was a DJ at a radio station in Stockholm and I had my own weekly show, I had friends, a good income and my apartment.
Nothing was really wrong with my life, except for that I had this massive urge to do something else.

I’ve always had a big crush on California, since as long I can remember, and one day I decided to follow my heart – and move to California!
So I applied for a school to study sound production.

When a few weeks later I heard that well renowned sound of a heavy letter falling through the letterbox and down on the hallway floor, I ran out to pick up something addressed to me from a school in Santa Barbara, California.
Shit just got real.

A few arrangements later and many hugs, good bye parties and tears, I found I was on the airport ready to take on the start of biggest adventure ever – the rest of my life

A very happy Camilla one of the first days after arriving in Santa Barbara

After the idea that I could live wherever I wanted got stuck in my head I have not one single time considered moving back to Sweden.
I’ve had more than 20 places that I’ve called my home, one of them was on a boat with sea lions as neighbors.

I had no idea that I would sit ten years later in a flat with sea view in a small island in the Mediterranean celebrating with Prosecco looking back at these 10 fantastic years and seeing many great to come.

Camilla Prosecco 1 Camilla Prosecco 2 Camilla Prosecco 3
I am raising the glass to my 10 years younger me that made that decision,
I am raising it to everyone else who has been doing a similar decision
and mostly
I am raising it to you who is considering it.

*Free Bird with Lynyrd Skynyrd is one of the best songs written. period. fullstop

In less than two weeks I will hit the BIG THREE FIVE

Camilla Stenmark - donate to my trip
I will celebrate that with finally taking care of my childhood dream and learn how to surf.

I’m planning to go to Morocco for a week, attend a surf school and spend every minute possible in the water; learning to “be one with the sea” , “ride the waves where they take me” (preferable back to land, safe) hang lose and all other gnarly* things you would want out of a surf trip.
They offer yoga classes in between and I will spend a week being one with the nature and nurture my inner hippie :)

I am so excited about this, so excited that I happened to set up a fundraising campaign for anyone who would like to, instead of buying me a birthday drink – donate to my trip. :)

I also happened to make a little video

I can’t believe I am going to Morocco – I am so excited

*practicing the surf lingo already

life's too short not to live it well