How to make pancakes

Main reason for this post is to share this mandatory
berries on the pancakes – look what a fantastic morning (when I say morning I mean life) I have – picture”,
that you just have to take when having home made (cottage cheese) pancakes for breakfast…
(or lunch or dinner or lunch number two)
how to make pancakes

Except for cottage cheese the batter also contains oats, milk, banana and a bit cookies n cream protein powder.
They taste fantastic and the only problem was that I made the batch too small and I finished all the pancakes today
and now I don’t have any for breakfast tomorrow…

The second reason for this post is to share this a great tutorial from How to basic, on
How To Make Pancake Art

It is one of the weirdest things I’ve seen in a while.

new vlog – the magic 168 hours

The answer to the questions is 168
One hundred and sixty eight
If you only spend ONE hour a day you will learn a new skill in only 3 weeks.
wait, what?
Does that even makes sense and what the eff is she talking about?

Well, see for yourself… in my latest vlog I am talking about the magic 168 hours and challenging YOU to learn a new skill in either 3 or 6 weeks.

I am also talking about video collaborations… I have a fun idea.. let me know if you are interested

When La Mama wants oysters she gets oysters

Took my mother out for dinner to celebrate her birthday last night, and since that woman loves oysters almost as much as I love cheese balls, she had oysters for starter..
I had mostly raw meat and water, Carpaccio as entrée and the
Scottona fillet steak cooked to perfection, IE. rare as fuck, because I love having the cow semi alive on my plate…

I am sticking to my dry January promise and was toasting in sparkling water while my mum was sipping on a Prosecco and
continued with even more sparkling water while the birthday girl enjoyed a glass of wine…

While eating at an Italian restaurant, I was obviously thinking to practice my Italian while ordering the food but forgot every single Italian word or phrase except “buonasera”.
After using that twice I felt that I was pushing the amount of time you can say good evening to the same waiter so I continued the rest of the conversation in English – which is sub optimal when practicing conversational Italian…

Maybe a glass of red would have helped?? :D

enjoying a nice glass of red

Tonight’s glass of red is made of carrot, beet, apple, celery, ginger and garlic
Yes garlic…
It taste absolute fantastic. Learned the recipe in the best juice bar in San Francisco, I used to drink it all the time.
Photo on 21-01-2016 at 22.03 #3
Dry January started the 2nd of this month (cause no one is that stupid to start the 1st) and except for that stupid inflammation in my bursa I feel fantastic…
I have no cravings for cigarettes or gin and tonic but I am dying a little on the inside every morning I wake up in pain and realizing I can’t run…

Well, I’m gonna stop being broken soon
Until then my glasses of red will contain beets…

life's too short not to live it well