Download festival 2012 – TBT

Let me take you on a Throw back Thursday trip
to a weekend where I was covered in beer and mud at Download festival 2012.
I made a little video from that weekend where I am not only showing off my beer spitting and TP throwing skills (oh, and don’t forget my dance moves) but when you’re watching this it looks like it was all a blast and that’s how I like to remember it… :)

You can read the full blogpost here

Acrylic Sunday

Woke up this morning with an urge to paint, so got the acrylics out of the cupboard and grabbed myself a canvas.
Listen to good old Joe Cocker on full volume and just disappeared for a couple of hours.I’m not even sure if I am happy with the result but I feel very relieved getting out a lot of energy on what used to be a blank canvas.
IMG_4449 IMG_4454 IMG_4462

this woman sniffed a pig’s ear and you can never guess what happened

It is….. Throwback Thursday,  the day when we dig though our old photos and show everyone what a great past we had.
Today I am going to show you, that there was this one day in London, when small tiny piggies came and visited us at work and I cuddled with one of them.
(Also my fringe was growing out and looked as miserable as the London weather, but lets focus on the pig)
A cool thing with piglets is that they smell really nice behind their ears, almost like the same way as babies have a distinct baby smell, piglets have a very nice piglet smell.
See, you didn’t expect to learn that today did you? – Next time you have the chance to sniff a pig do it and you’ll see I am correct.

There is one thing that is cooler than a pig and that is a surfing pig, I mean
Look. At. This. Video.

One day I will get myself a surfboard and a pig and me an the pig will be the coolest duo ever.
I will obviously name the pig Bacon

“impossible” on the edge of the bars – with pizza – in bed

After a friend posted a picture of majestic burgers on facebook my body start throwing tantrums and wanted junk food, I had no choice but to order pizza.
At the same time I also have a huge craving of start training again and I am torturing myself watching stuff I can’t do…

So this is how I am spending this afternoon, in bed with pizza watching Calisthenics tutorial videos by Dominik SKY, this guy is so absolutely, fantastic in shape that it hurts to watch.
(actually it does not hurt a single bit, not at all)IMG_4333
I have a hell of a recovery period to do and it will take quite some time until I am there but…  this year I want to be able to do this.
With a semi light person on top of course
what are the odds that I will succeed?

More ispiration

Is is summer yet?

While the heater is on full blast an the wind is howling like a desperately mournful animal,
I am in bed eating chocolate and longing for summer

I want to put my toes in the sand

I want to play around in the ocean

I want to see the beautiful sunrises

As well as the beautiful sunsets

I want to spend most of my free time in the sea

I want to lie on the rocks with a silly hat and just love life

Last summer was a pretty awesome summer and I cannot wait for this spring and summer, I am planning to have a blast.

Well, February really sucked so far

I wouldn’t say that February started out very well for me.
Spent the last 6 nights at the hospital with really bad pneumonia which, goes without saying, sucks.
so long story short, this week was shit, but there were however, some high lights…
For example;

This “get well card” from some friends

That people kept bringing me treats
if it wouldn’t be for that I would have starved to death, the portions served at the hospital were tiny

The fantastic balloon and flowers combo

That they finally let me go home

THANK YOU so much for all the kind words, phone calls, snap chats, texts, chocolate, cards, visits, emails, photos… seriously, I would have gone mad without you