In less than two weeks I will hit the BIG THREE FIVE

Camilla Stenmark - donate to my trip
I will celebrate that with finally taking care of my childhood dream and learn how to surf.

I’m planning to go to Morocco for a week, attend a surf school and spend every minute possible in the water; learning to “be one with the sea” , “ride the waves where they take me” (preferable back to land, safe) hang lose and all other gnarly* things you would want out of a surf trip.
They offer yoga classes in between and I will spend a week being one with the nature and nurture my inner hippie :)

I am so excited about this, so excited that I happened to set up a fundraising campaign for anyone who would like to, instead of buying me a birthday drink – donate to my trip. :)

I also happened to make a little video

I can’t believe I am going to Morocco – I am so excited

*practicing the surf lingo already