How to kick start your morning

With the “sunrise swim -gang” in the Mediterranean Sea

It’s a great feeling watching the sun rise whilst in the sea – especially when knowing that it is mid November…
The sea temperature is around 22 degrees, that is hotter than what we get in the summer in my lovely little home country up north,
It feels a bit chilly the first seconds you’re in… but as soon as you’re in it’s not too bad…

I survived the Zurrieq 10K race

I would like to have started this blog post by bragging about a new PB but as painful as it is (and as that race was) I did not beat my PB…

I am however proud that I did not collapse during the run.
That was a tough – mother effing – run

I am still awaiting the official result, its a bit tricky with the phone since it doesn’t know the start and finish line, but I think I ran this in about an hour.
That is not “under 58 minutes” as in as my aim, but this was one of the toughest running activities I’ve done, so I am really proud that I
a. finished it
b. didn’t die

When I hit the finish line I started to cry.
It was such a weird feeling, I was so exhausted and relieved that it was finally over and yet I was filled with adrenaline – it was like the only thing my body could do was crying.
I saw quite a few “breakdowns” at the finish line…

For you experience runners – is that normal?
For some reason it felt very normal, to sob on the curb when someone falls down next to you – getting sick.
It almost felt like some sort of bonding lying on the ground sharing some form of post run body fluid inferno.

I was quickly done with the “post run crying” and moved quickly on to the mandatory “kissing the medal – posing”

The well deserved medal, look at the size of it!!
I am immensely proud to have achieved that

After eating and chilling around for bit in the, oh so beautiful little town, we decided to say good bye to Zurrieq and go cuddle with a newborn goat

A newborn goat?

yes a newborn goat
Only two days old

Quattro (World Drifts In)

good but old one
this song is fantastic
now, I have to learn t play this on the ukulele
I apologize to my neighbors in advanced

Love the run but not the race
all alone in a silent way
world drifts in and the world’s a stranger
in a light, eclipsed and alienated
in a time, occupied and invaded
can’t tell what’s right, better hit the ground running
in the hills where the tall weed grows
hands are tied and won’t let go
can’t escape this place without leaving the world behind
in a light, ashamed and humiliated
in a time, sacrificed for the sake of trade
the soul is bent, feels the weight of truth
falling through
left behind, no choice but to run to the mountains
where no poppies grow, you have to hit the ground running
in a light, paralyzed and spirits fading
out of time, must decide to fall or run
into the eye, of the storm no sign or omen
make it right, or fall to the other side
where fields are burning
from the day you’re born
you’ll always hit the ground running

life's too short not to live it well