About posting shameless selfies on social media

Shameless selfies on social media (well selfies in general) normally divides the people into two groups 1. the ones that loves taking a selfie and 2. the ones that absolutely-effing-hate-it-and-almost-hates-everyone-else-that-does-it. I am a number one and this post will mostly… Continue Reading

The bucket list challenge

This could possible be the wrong title for this post… The good old famous “bucket list” is mostly associated with climbing Mount Everest, putting you flag on the moon, build an orphan village from scratch, swim with dolphins and/or skydive… Continue Reading

Get rich by traveling

The travel bug is kicking around in my body loud and clear now… travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer Image from when one of the roadtrips in California, climbing the mountains in Uggs… We lived… Continue Reading