Handstand under the Eiffel Tower

I had an intense and fantastic weekend in Paris. I am grateful that such an amazing person once crossed my path and that I have such an beautiful soul being a part of my life. There will be a little… Continue Reading

Choices, part one, Blessed Virgin Mary

Yesterday I was mentioning about me and Luka’s collaborations… In 2009 I was working with the talented Lukas Lukasik on his project The Three Metamorphoses, the first part was Blessed Virgin Mary. We worked together before for many years and… Continue Reading

7.5 years ago we made a promise that we will meet in Paris the 24th of September 2015

On this day, 10 years ago he asked me if I wanted to help him record a small film project he was working on. That night we started on a film that we never completed instead we drank wine and… Continue Reading

The things that is going through my head during my morning run

Workout started 1. yeah, I’m up before the sun is. 2. Lets get this over and done with so that I can eat breakfast 3. Why I am doing this? I am actually hating this! 4. Can I go home… Continue Reading