Mostly I’ve been hungry
Since decided that I am going on that big adventure in 91 days I’ve upped my training quite alot and damn that is increasing my hunger, I am hungry all the time and I am eating all the time.

When I have not been busy showing things down my belly, inhale calories or having stress related strokes… I’ve…
well tbh, I am not even sure…
Here are a few snaps

I borrowed this book from a friend, can’t wait to dig right into it

“before shill session – selfie”
After this picture I walked up and down a steep hill for 90 minutes while discussing important life issues with other people that think that this is a great way to spend the evening…

Dinner with Sanna and the most hideous wallpaper
Had sushi twice that day and 3 lunches* :)
*well pre lunch, lunch and post lunch rather…

“Weird face -selfie”

Keep calm and wear your hard hat

People at work have a problem with my admiration of the great invention “chicken in a can”
the “post it-bullying” soon lead to

Image bullying
This is me as a chicken – with a bottle of Prosecco
If the saying “you are what you eat” is correct this image is quite spot on (thank you Maria)

Midweek running with this lot and freshly squeezed orange juice after – my new Wednesday addiction

Thursday morning sea view on the way to work…

With this one, in the same outfit
But you know what they say “great minds dress the same”
*it is a hashtag on Instagram – then in must be true

Picked up the race number and tee for tomorrows race

That’s lately folks
now I’m gonna spend the rest of this Saturday playing ukulele and video editing

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