Lately – weird sharks, ugly running pics and hot water bottles

Time is flying and alot of things are happening, life is just full of .. well life, right now
Early November snaps starts now:

I found this on Global Run Malta’s site
When you do find official running pictures of yourself you do want them to look exactly like this

Not like this, no, not at all

Like this:
As you can see on that lovely face expression, I clearly love running
Look at that face, a face of joy... and suicide

Look Mum, I’m on youtube!!

well, me being on youtube is nothing new…  (click the link to find my channel #me)
but its always more fun when my lovely face makes it to another channel than my own which it did!!
6,5 seconds in if you are too lazy to watch the whole 22 seconds

More running
Midweek miles… my favorite part of the Wednesdays
Except this time I hated it, my legs were really tired after smashing 10k 2 days in a row, so was not big fan of a 7k run…
But hey, I’m still smiling (even with that purple Sims thing above my head)

I also found the coolest fur and I do believe I am trying to pull off a “cool face” to match the jacket
I am clearly failing… but the jacket still look smashing

If you don’t care about hair, the next 3 picures are useless
I went from this…


and I was of course, very mature about it…

Its getting closer to January and closer to the 4167 meters elevation… I met up with some people from the group for a gear meeting last week
I’m starting to realize what I’m about to do and I’m getting excited

Got floored by some form of flu and spent the 2 last days in bed… I do adore my hot water bottle that kept me company most of the time…



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