The best number to beat the Roulette game

So how was Germany?
Well, I can summarise it with two words, beer and sausages
The word that almost made it to the top two is Casino, we did visit quite a few casinos the last weeks and I can’t help to love it a little…

Over the last years this is something that has got a little bit closer to me due to my profession in the iGaming industry. It’s not necessary that I’m into gambling myself but sometimes it’s quite nice to have an evening inside a land based casino and just play for a few Euros. Usually they offer free drinks and the atmosphere is
really chill. There are so many interesting characters to observe and interact with. You can find every
type here, everything from tourists, locals, high rollers and professional poker players. All with a
different and interesting background.
Around my place there is a few that are really good. Dragonara Casino, Olympic Casino, Wonder Casino and Hero Casino, which is all different land based casinos around me.

Roulette is hands down my favorite game
to play nowadays, and that is because I have my secret
strategy which never seems to fail me. It’s number 17 – My lucky charm and my ever paying number. A roulette night without number 17 is not worth counting. And to be fair, I have made more money on that number than any other number or combination combine! (I have some interesting 17 stories from Vegas but I’ll share those another day)
It’s my birthday in less than 2 weeks, meaning I only have a few more days that I can bet on my age on roulette

I should stop by and just split my “gambling budget” on 17 and 36.

Sometimes, when the evening of slots, table games and various variation of poker gets the better
part of me. Or should I say, take my 20 Euro gambling budget from me! It’s quite nice to know that the
variation of games to gamble on is low, so you get bored quite quickly. There is not even close to the
library of things you can find online. For example, you won’t find sports betting or the new variant of
it, eSports betting (which I’m sure my brother would love) inside an land based casino.
There are just a few small shops like IZIBET offering that. And to be fair, I don’t even think they have eSports
betting? I know there is a few sites that are specialist in eSports betting it if you’re interested. But in general it’s something that’s has a very low appearance outside the online betting world.


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