Breakfast time

I woke up early this morning, I mean I normally wake up early so this was not an exception, however, I was waking up to be in time for a live vlog breakfast with newly baked scones…
My friend and fellow vlogger Jacob is doing his live show “breakfast time” every weekend and this weekend I was invited to join.
Unfortunately the tech gods were not on our side, possible they were just laying somewhere sweating like the rest of the island, trust me, it is boiling here now, the media is calling it the “lucifer heat wave” and its closer to 50 degrees in the sun…
so the tech gods were out for the count and so was our live stream, we spent more than an hour trying it to get it to work and closer to noon we decided to give up…

Here is our “sorry it’s not working video”
With, may I add, the most awesome thumbnail ever… hahaha looks like I ate a hamster (a hamster who ate a little hamster)

So for you who was looking forward to me talking with my mount full I am sorry to disappoint you, I will be back another weekend in the fall, the scones were kinda good

It is runde to point

double vlog, jacob is filming his scones, I am filming myself looking hysterical

Jacob is trying to make it work, I am trying not to eat all the breakfast

at least, as a true vlogger, I was filming before, during and after… so a few “behind the scenes” clips will most likely make it to the vlog… (that will be the vlog for week 31 for you who counts, and yes, that means that I am way behind with editing…)
Meaning, I will chain myself to the editing station tonight!!


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