eSports, Sunrise and a new home

Here is a little “lately-blog post”
I have been so busy and I am very behind with the vlogs… I don’t even know where to start
Here are a few of the things that has kept me occupied lately

We went to the Nova Series to shoot some interviews and cover the eSports scene, here is me
setting up for an interview with George Muscat in the car
You might recognise the car from this advert 
He drove it with the windows blacked out… that is just utterly crazy!!

After 3 years it was time to say good bye to this view, I have loved the sunrises from my balcony
but it’s time for a new chapter, a new home and a new view…¬† (and trust me, new one is NOT BAD AT ALL)

A car filled with boxes, suit cases and plants…

So this is pretty much our backyard these days… so much calmer and nicer than the old neighbourhood

I unpacked my succulents and let them live on this bench

Yeah so new life is good, I haven’t had time to edit my vlogs, but I did have time to take
“still life art fruit -photos” like this


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