A Sunday hike in Malta, Bugibba to Ghajn Tuffieha

I am a big fan of walking, now when the weather in Malta has cooled down a bit, it opens up for more walks and hikes.
There are quite some cool hiking trails here on the island who offers really great scenery, almost 2 years ago I was walking around the whole island and that is an experience I recommend a lot.
Last Sunday we did just a short walk of 2 hours to hit Għajn Tuffieħa Bay in Mgarr, that place never stop to impress me with its beautiful view especially when you are standing on the top of the stairs, it feels like you’ve found a secret place, something out of a movie.
The amount of people on the beach quickly tells you that its not very much of a secret place, however, luckily still a little hidden.
I decided to swim when we got down to the beach and it was actually not even that cold, I would guess that the water temperature in Malta right now is around 20 degrees and that is not to cold to swim in.
Here are some snaps from my new GoProSession that I got the other day, it was my first day put playing with it and I love that it is waterproof without any need for a bulky case…

Thank you Sanna for lovely company as always!


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