We are having a son

It feels so good to finally being able to share the news
We will have a little half German/half Swedish boy joining us in August!
A few days ago we found put that it is a boy – it is still hard to comprehend that we are having a little son!!!!
Half me and half Manuel – he will be such a little rascal hahaha

Our “working name” for him is T-Rex, it has been since we found out we were pregnant, mostly I guess, since he looked like a little dinosaur in the beginning…
Now we are thinking about boy names but until we make a decision we will call him T-Rex..

I am very excited to soon (finally) enter the second trimester
The weeks after Christmas were terrible, I was feeling so sick and could hardly get out of bed and I was in the middle of 2 big projects that I had to deliver so I was sitting in front of the computer crying in my pajamas, ok maybe not really but I spent a lot of the time in bed and had naps all the time.
It was a bit tricky for me since it really felt like I was just sleeping my life away.

Now I feel a lot better and I have got most of the energy back, even though I know that there is one boss and that is not be, that is that little rascal who is living inside me and dictating what I want to eat, when I want to sleep and (believe it or not) what I want to listen to… since I got pregnant I’ve started to listen to Nora Jones… I have never listened to her before, thought her music was very blend and boring… now I love it :D Sade is another example.

Since yesterday (I blame Sanna for this, she sent me a picture of a waffle) I have had waffle cravings… and when I say cravings I mean ” I will cry if I don’t get it – cravings”
So my mission today is to go get a waffle iron – waffles have to happen!!!!

So now I guess my instagram and the blog (which I hardly update, but maybe that will change) will have more of a pregnancy-focus haha I hope you are ok with that.


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