On our Euro-tour

We are on day 2 of our Europe tour and I am travelling with a growing belly and a constant hunger and enjoying almost every second of it. Then orcourse I am having small moments when I get tired, queasy and/or just wanna cry, but those moments are (luckily) over pretty fast.
Here are some pictures;

On the airport with the most ugly suitcases in the world
We will definitely recognise them on the luggage conveyor belt hahaha
Which one is the ugliest? Left or right?

We are obviously spreading some EBF love around Europe :)

On the plane with our hoodie new travel pillows

Our hotel room in Dublin

A snowy golf course


Now Manuel is down kicking ass on day two in the tournament and I am working in the hotel room (and now taking a little break updating you all with pics)

another update, not that is news but still, I am so hungry!!
this is me ordering Dominos pizza to the hotelroom, I had to go pick up the boxes in the lobby, I blame T-Rex haha
I always been a hungry person but now… this has reached a new level for sure.
I have only gained 3 kg from my starting weight and most of that weight is from the extra things in my body, more blood, more water, the baby etc, so far I am not having an unhealthy weight gain so I can and will definitely give in for my cravings :)

Ok, going back to work now!
lets all cross our fingers for Manuel tonight!!


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