Team always hungry

Being a very hungry person to start with I can tell you it is a very interesting and hungry experience to be pregnant

If I don’t eat every 3rd hour I do actually believe that I will die and/or pass out… little T-Rex (or maybe not so little judging by the size of my belly) is a demanding and hungry little fella.
It feels like he is pushing a button and then BAM all energy is gone and I am drained.

Today we ate at Vapiano (first time in my life, wow how much I have missed out…  that was so good) and it was quite of a large portion and less than an hour after we left the place I was hungry again…

So had to go home and make a little something :D

I am glad that T-Rex seems to be into healthy things
whole wheat bread straight out of the oven (with butter and cheese ofc) and yogurt with bran flakes, chia seeds, fresh pomegranate, blueberries and bananas

And now I am preparing for dinner


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